Saturday, March 22, 2008

bye-bye jared

My other brother Jared is moving to CA next week...
Poor Shay is going to miss her baby bro

So last night a few of us went over to say bye to J-rod in true Kleber fashion...

burgers & basketball

and perfect push-ups

Kyle and Jared

the "cuddle couch"

Jared and Shaynah... cutest brother and sister ever

all the boys wanted to say "bye" to Jared...

Jared with Daniel...


& Taige (aka Baby T)

Kyle wasn't in a cuddle mood

Em and Daniel

Cuddle couch... again

and our usual shot... i think we have one of these for every event.

OH! And of course, the perfect push-up



And Stretch

We are going to miss Jared! But as we spent time encouraging and praying for him, one word that kept coming up was his love for people. We know that Lord is going to use him in HUGE ways out there. There is such a call on Jared's life. Our prayer is that many come to know the Lord through Jared!
We will miss you bud!

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