Tuesday, March 18, 2008

ch-ch-ch-check it out

*hands you a welcome basket*

Only a few people read my old blog, but I got tired of xanga and decided to put on my grown-up girl pants and make the move. So I packed my stuff up, and here I am.

let me catch you up

1) April 1st is my last day at SteelRoots. They canned the sales department.
PLEASE pray that the Lord will provide another job quickly!!
2) Shaynah and I leave for our San Diego Vacation of Wonders in 17 days! Woo-hoo!

That is all for now

Let me leave you with this...

I call it
"Wednesday's with Alathea"


The Nilsen Nest said...

Yeah! Welcome! Kinda bummed though, everyone is listed as their first names for their links on your page or an abbreviated version, not Steve and I. Just, "nilsens", what's up with that? How about Deva or Stena or Deve? Let's work on it, then get back to me. :)wvidewlr

The Nilsen Nest said...

Thumbs up! Too bad my "was going to be husband" performed in Charlotte this week and we didn't get to see him. SAD

Jeanie said...

"yay-yay" says she luvs you!!! (and the pictures of herself too :)