Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I got one! And it's mine all mine.
I start on Monday. Which is awesome, because that was supposed to be my last day at INSP.
It is for a sister/cousin/awkward neighbor company. I will be front desk. Pretty much, that means I can watch Regis and Kelly in the morning on the huge plasma. They told me to. YESSSSS. The one perk of working in television. You have to watch it for you job.
Thank you all for your prayers. The Lord was so kind. I didn't even really have to look. HR called me and told me about the job, sent me over 2 hours later for an interview (i was in jeans... whoops) and I found out the next morning that I got it! They are even cool with my Ca trip next week (8 days!)
It is awesome how the Lord works. That morning was the first time I was tempted to be anxious. I drove into INSP, and started to tear up, realizing that the following week, I would be unemployed. But I prayed, asked the Lord for peace and *KA-POW* 24 hours later I have a job!Psalm 118: 21-25

on a more humerous note...

...who knows.
I just found these.
I don't even remember why we did this.


Robin said...

WOOOHOOOO!!! Yea GOD!!! Congrats on your new job....and have fun and try to stay out of too much trouble in CA!!!!

Steve S said...

Congrats, Kendra. God is so good!

Campbell said...

well hello u

didn't know you were here, but fear not, I have discovered you and shall make you famous by adding you to my blog buddies. (oh yes, everyone there got their fame from being there.... it's true.)

eva says, "poopy." to uncle kenni

The Nilsen Nest said...