Thursday, April 24, 2008

92... pt2

The 2nd lady I met last week is named Frieda
(here is her website
Frieda is (was) a Jewish opera singer who escaped capture during WW2

We walked into her little house and I was greeted with a brisk nod from her. And her perfume. She was very different than Leila. As was her house! Lots of birds everywhere, lots of paintings and portraits of herself from early in her career.
But once the interview started, and her story started to pour out, I was overwhelmed. No wonder this woman wrote a book!
She escaped from being captured by the Nazi’s over 7 times!
The most incredible part of her story by far had to be one of the escapes.
She had been dating a non-jewish boy for a while. Her mother was VERY against it, and forbid them from seeing each other. They would sneak off to the catholic church to… well… at this point she winked at the camera, so I assume they read, and probably played some “go fish” and talked about their dreams and aspirations. Her mother eventually found out and that was the end of that.
Frieda moved in her with her friend Meika into a HUGE house (Meika’s husband had been captured, so she sent her children to live with her mother). One night after lights out, Frieda and Meika went into the rooms to go to bed. Shortly after they heard a commotion outside and flood lights shone into their windows. They had already made an escape plan… to hide below the dumb-waiter. They climbed in and could hear the officers trying to bang down the door. When that did not work, the men took the neighbors ladder and climbed up onto the patio. The girls heard the men ask the neighbors if she was home. They were specifically looking for her! The neighbors said she wasn’t home. Then the milk man sold her out! (ohhhhh those darn milk men)
The girls heard them breaking the patio doors-windows. The men were not able to get to the girls, due to some reason I don’t really remember because the tape started beeping into my headphones at that point, we were trying to see if we could stop her story for a minute… you can’t.
This woman has her script down and would ignore the interviewer. So I was a bit distracted at this moment.

BUT… the officers left. The girls were sure they had kept 1 or 2 standing guard, so they decided to sneak out the window. Before Meika’s husband had been captured, he hid a suitcase of gold for his wife… in case she needed to escape, she could use it to buy food and what not. The girls grabbed the suitcase, and the climbed out the window. Frieda stood in the gutter, had Meika hold onto her ankles and she fell forward, trying to knock on the window of the house next door. The man that lived there was actually only at his house about 3 weeks out of the year… mainly weekends. So she was hoping that was a night that he was home.
And he WAS!!! Moments later he opened the window and pulled the girls in.

Much later one Frieda found out why the soldiers were looking for her.
Her boyfriend had been so angry at her mother, that he went and joined the Nazi’s and specifically had sent the officers out that night to have Frieda killed!
At this moment in the story-telling, Frieda stopped talking, sat back in her chair with her hands on her lap, letting that point soak in. *BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP* the tape stopped. Right there. We got it! Just barely, but we got it! We didn't even notice though, because our mouths were hanging open in shock.
Throughout her story, you could see the Lord’s hand on her life! She married a Christian Canadian solider, and eventually became a Christian herself. She is so quick to give glory to God in all details of her story. She would often break into song as well.
She is a VEEERY feisty 92 year old… refusing to go buy our script. She had her own thing down and that is how it was going to be. Who is going to argue with a woman like her? No one. We all just went with the flow.

This one ended up being quite long as well, but her story was too awesome.
2 very VERY different women who were both used in huge ways by the Lord!


Robin said...

these are cool stories, i really enjoyed reading about these ladies! i think i need to look for more inspiring stories like this to be an encouragement to me. idol post????

Anne said...

Wow! l loved hearing about both Leila and Frieda......Maybe we should go by those names:) I just love hearing stories from older people who have been following the Lord for many years. I so hope to be one one day!