Thursday, April 3, 2008

Christmas in April!

4:30 am Shaynah and I will be at the airport... that is right. 4:30 AM.

BUT... we will be in Ca around 11am tomorrow! Woo-hoo!

It is driving me nuts being at work, when I have SO much to do at home. But the day has gone by quickly, and I am watching Rocky. What could be better?

I went by mom's last night to give her my taxes (i know how to do them... i just hate doing it) and she had a surprise for me! She gave me my Christmas present early.

For some reason I adore this movie. It is one of those that is always on TV, and I always have to watch it. That and "Hope Floats"... and "Revenge of the Nerds". I am not kidding.
So mom gave me that awesome surprise, and I was able to watch it while packing last night. I am so used to the TV version, that I forgot about the language! Whoops. But it is still a great movie.

For those of you who never saw the xanga blog, you will quickly learn of my love for American Idol. And Panther football.
I have a creepy skill with American Idol. I could pretty much do brackets on it. Last season I had it dead on for the top 6, on down to the finalists.

Right now, my faves are Brooke, Jason, Michael and Carly. But of those 4, Jason won my heart...
I am sure you can see why...

Kristy-Lee will be gone next week.
Ok... we need to pause on this topic for a moment. I am currently watching Rocky 3... and Mr. T is being so incredible. I need to meet him one day.
Also, I just saw the scene when Mick dies... and I teared up a bit. So I had to email Mickey Connolly and tell him hi and that I love him.
Back to AI
This week was Dolly Parton week. Another tidbit about me. I adore... ADORE Dolly Parton. I started screaming when she came on the screen. I had NO idea it was Dolly week. I made the roomies sit in silence whenever she talked, sang, or even was shown in the background of a shot. That woman is amazing.
Please pray for Shaynah and I in Ca! We are so excited!
See you all in a week!

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