Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This weekend was awesome. The whole family (minus 1 aunt and uncle and 2 cousins) headed down to Florida for my grandparents 50th anniversary/vow renewal/wedding. Getting the Niblock's together is QUITE an event. There are 5 kids and 15 grandkids. 2 grandparents, and 1 uncle. Oh, and 3 dogs.

my cousin Evan and I bonded on this trip. I adore him.

Evan: Kendra, are you going home?
me: yup
Evan: Oh. I will miss you!
me: aw! I will miss you too buddy!!
Cheyne: Evan, will you miss me?
Evan: *pause*.... we'll see.

My grandpa's Aunt Dee. Yes, that is what you think. And yes, she wore it the entire reception. And yes, all the young boys were scarred for life.

This wasn't even the "crazy" group shot

Please note my grandpa's cousin Patty in the left-hand side. Her outfits were incredible.

Uncle Mike and Uncle Lee in their matching shirts grandma bought for them

Laurel and I hiding in the corner

This was an accident. They did NOT mean to match. But it is fantastic

Dad and Maddie

Dad and grandma...

Here we are... almost all of us.

Oh, how I do adore them.

On the American Idol note....

Sadly, I think Brooke will be kicked off. I adore her, but i think it is time. :( I


Anne said...

Your mom's outfit is fantastic! I couldn't see any of your outfits, but I am sure they were all fantastic too. And in terms of the red, ahem, "undergarment" hat, all I can say birthday is in two weeks

Robin said...

You girls make me laugh! Anne....that would be some birthday!!! Is David ready for that???

The Nilsen Nest said...

Brooke definitely needs the boot! Looking forward to your visit! Sorry again for last night :(