Thursday, April 10, 2008

other home

Shay and I in La Jolla

The trip has been incredible so far!
we have had blast, and the Lord has been so kind.
It is awesome to see the little ways he has blessed the trip
one of the main things is our rental car. We wanted something with a sunroof, or a convertible, but instead we got a prius. WHAT a blessing! We have been getting 43mpg on that baby!
It only cost us $31 to fill the tank yesterday. IN LA!! There, you sell all your jewlery for gas. Or drain the botox from your face... that's right. I just said that.
There are tons of pictures to come. We will be home on Saturday night, which is pretty sad. I think it hit us today that we only have 1 day left. But is it incredible everything that we squeeze into this week. Iam in shock that we have been able to do so much, and still have time to rest on the beach every day!
3 things you need to know about this trip
1) the only thing that is sunburned is my left knee. I don't know why, but it is on FI-YAH!
2) we have seen couples making out on EVERY beach. And we have pictures of everyone of them
3) They practically know our names at the Coffee Bean Tea Leaf here. They are our first morning stop.
Please keep praying for favor. We are a little nervous with the news of all these airlines grounding planes. Hopefully Delta isn't doing that anytime soon!!!


Campbell said...

y r u there again?
have fun, and a cinnabun!

we recorded the Office's return to the air... and we haven't watched it. We may wait for our favorite odd couple to join us...

Bethany said...

So, I just discovered you had a new blog. I am such a bad friend... but I love the new look :)

So glad you had a good time! Call me and tell me all about it...

Miss you tons.