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Part of my job involves having the security camera screen up on my 2nd monitor. Pretty much I just get to watch what is going on in the main room, which is where all the designers meet. It is a really awesome room, and they always forget that I can see them. For example, at this moment John is rolling his chair all over the room during their meeting. And about 5 minutes ago, Pat was picking his nose. The main reason I am spying on them right now is because there is a HUGE plate of donuts in there. I see it right on the middle of the table. As soon as their meeting is done, I am going to deliver mail. I could do it now... but I will wait. Normally they leave a donut for me. But if I am not back there within 5 min, it is gone. So I will rush back there with a stack of mail and snatch up my donut...

just thought you should know that.

On Friday I was asked to help out on a shoot for our show Everyday Woman. They interview Christian women with incredible stories. Therefore, it should be called "Incredible Women that make you feel like you haven't done anything worthwhile with your life"
We went to the homes of 2 different ladies. Both were 92.
The first one is the sweetest lady I have met in my entire life. Her name is Leila. (I don't know how to spell it, but that is how it is pronounced). I adore this woman. We were able to chat while she was getting her makeup done. She is as sassy as can be. She told the girl doing her make-up "don't let any of them (all of us in the room) see me when you are done. They will all start hollerin' 'Woo-whee... look at Miss Leila! My turn my turn' and you won't ever get out of here."
Then she accused the girl of making her look like a hussy.

She survived a school fire back in 1926 in SC. Here is an article about it

2 of her siblings died in the fire. One was horribly burned. Her older sister saved her life by throwing her out the 2nd story window.

her story is incredible. She and her husband had 7 children. Only 3 are still alive. Her youngest, had 3 brain aneurysms about 10 years ago (yes... 3) and survived. Leila prayed over the surgeons hands before he operated on her daughter. She had always promised to take care of her parents, so they believe that is why the Lord healed her. She now lives with her mom to take care of her. They are hilarious together!
Miss Leila and her husband were married 73 years. They eloped when she was 17 because her mom told her that she had to stay away from him... even kept her out of school 2 weeks before graduation, since she knew they would see each other there. To this day, one of Leila's biggest regrets was that she did not graduate high school. Though it was not her fault, she is still heart broken over that. (What she doesn't know is that we are in contact with the local school system and her old high school and they are planning on surprising her, presenting her with an honorary diploma and letting her walk at this years graduation ceremony. Can you imagine? This sweet little 92 year old lady in a cap and gown? It will be incredible!). She spoke so sweetly about her husband David. He died 2 years ago along with 2 of her children. I can't even begin to imagine going through that. But this woman has so much joy... she explained sanctification to the interviewer, which was AWESOME. When asked why she felt she was still here, her son yelled from the other room "God don't remember where he put momma... so he can't come back for her!" she laughed and said that she doesn't know why the Lord has her here still. There must be more he needs to teach her, or people she needs to meet. (she is so faithful to witness to EVERYONE she meets... she even answers her phone "Jesus loves you" and witnesses to the telemarketers...) But she began to cry and said that sometimes, she wishes she could go home. When asked why, she had to pause until she could compose herself (nothing is harder than seeing a little, weak 92 year old woman crying...) and said "I want to see my Lord. I want to see his face. I want to see my momma and papa. I want to see my beloved David again. I miss him. I want to see my babies that went ahead of me. But mostly, I want to see Jesus. I do love him so"
There was not a dry eye in the house. The cameraman struggled to keep it together so the camera wouldn't shake.
When we were leaving, she hugged us all. When it was my turn she grabbed my face and said "darlin' I was shocked when I was asked to tell my story. I didn't know why anyone would want to hear it. But now i know. It was so I could meet all of you. And you" then she kissed my cheek. She asked me to come back and visit. Who can say no to that?

I will tell you about the other lady later... i didn't realize how long this one was! I should assign a book report. 2 pages. On my desk tomorrow.

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Not a dry eye in this house either! That was an awesome report you did, A+ here! Thanks for sharing, she sounds so cute and amazing!