Thursday, May 22, 2008


So, I had to cover the front desk at our studio, which is right across the street. I go over there every day around 10 to cover it for the receptionist so she can have a break. No biggie.
Well, apparently there was a talking head shoot going on... just where they bring someone in, have them sit in front of the green screen and they ask them a few questions. Nothing too big. I didn't know this shoot was going on (they happen all the time) or who it was. I normally don't care at all.
So, there I am sitting, at this HUGE desk... answering the phone. I transfer a call, and can hear someone behind me coming into the lobby to leave. Someone yells after them "thanks man" and the person says "no problem!"
At this point the person is standing next to the desk. I finish transferring the call, look up and see this face beaming down at me...
Steve Smith!!! The Panther's saving grace! The man that makes the game fun to watch!!!! One of my favorite people in the universe!!!!
His face didn't look like that actually. But I like that picture. He was smiling. Not looking scary.
So, there I am, looking at the very dapper (he was wearing a suit and in the process of taking off his tie) Mr. Smith.
"play it cool Sands..." I am thinking to myself.
He begins to walk away and I squeak/yell "HI!!!"
he turns back and grins "hi"
me:.... HOW ARE YOU????? (what??? Who asks that to someone who is LEAVING? And who yell/squeaks a question to someone only a few feet away? Apparently I do)
Steve: Um... good! How are you?
me: *pause* GREAT! *at this point I start to giggle...and can't stop*
Steve: good... *starts to walk out door* see ya
me: HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!!!
Steve: *pops head back in* you too!
me: OK!!!!!!!!!!
I only start to snap out of it as he walks through the 2nd set of glass doors... I start searching for a pen and some paper... "I wonder if Daphne will mind if I abandon the desk to chase after him for an autograph" i think...
he is taking FOREVER to get into his car... finishing taking off his tie... folding his jacket. I can make it out there. But do I want to be "that girl"? I pretty much already was based on my squeak/yelling and giggle fit at him. He probably was shaking his head thinking "crazy white girl"...
I let him leave... and then yell at the producer asking him WHY WHY WHY he did not tell me #89 of the Carolina Panthers was going to be in the studio today. I would have actually PUT EFFORT into my appearance. I would have worn real makeup, not just mascara. I would have put on CUTE clothes... GOSH!
He promised me he would let me know in the future... and that I might be able to help with the shoot. Since there would be no job for me, I would pretty much just stand there waving at him the whole time. I am totally ok with that.
So that MADE my day!!!! I am still giggling from it.
Oh yeah!
I almost forgot... YAY David Cooke!!!!!!!!
I was so excited.
Did anyone else see Ryan Seacrest try to breakdance? It was awesome


Anne said...

Haha, oh my goodness, Kenni! This made me laugh. I can see you sitting their shrieking and giggling....I bet Steve Smith chuckled about it....yes, Steve Smith chuckled about you...

Laurel Bates said...

That's great Kendra! Yeah, Ryan seacreast was really funny. I am so glad David cook won. oh, BTW I got a facebook, do you have one?