Monday, May 12, 2008

light green

I am light green. Not super green. More like a mint green.
I wasn't on the "go green" bandwagon at first. Growing up in the San Diego school system, we had it beaten into us... so I would recycle without even thinking about it. We learned songs in school about not being a water hog. Or litter bug. But that was the extent I went to. I am not one to jump in with propaganda...
BUT after some thought, I did want to look for ways to be a better steward of the earth our Father created...
And it helps if there are some awesome perks that go along with it.
Sooooo I was thrilled to find out that every time you use a re-usable bag to Trader Joe's, you are entered in a weekly raffle for a bag of groceries! YES PLEASE!
You can buy the bags at Trader Joe's... they are only 99 cents. And the bigger bag (i think that one is $1.99) makes a PERFECT pool/beach bag. That is how I use it at least. In case you were wondering. Which I am sure you were. Admit it.
this Thursday is free iced coffee day at Dunkin Donuts. Last year, I went 4 times. That's right. 4 free iced coffees. Thankfully, there is no rule on how many times you go. Just 1 free coffee per customer PER visit.
I love things that are free.
Happy Monday.


Boiler Girl said...

Also on Thursday if you buy a med. drink you get a free Southern chicken sandwich at McDs!! what's the difference between Southern and regular?!?

Bethany said...

Yay! Thanks for telling me about the free iced coffee... There are about 4 stores w/in 5 miles of my office :)

Anne said...

I would like a Trader Joe's bag......I will buy one next week on my Monday trip.....Yes, I will. AND I will also use it as a beach bag next month.....Creative:)

Madeira girl said...

I grew up in NY and also had it pushed on me! It isn't too hard though. Anyway, I had to look at older posts, but finally found the tattoo... very nice! I really do like it! Did it hurt? I always wanted one on my foot, but was told it would hurt too much. And, BTW, I am hurt we are not on your blog roll. Bummer!:)