Friday, May 23, 2008


It is THAT time again!
Some people love Christmas the most... some their birthday's.
I love Na... it is the highlight of my year! Waaaahhhweeeee
So tonight i finish my packing. I am going to run to Trader Joe's to get breggy stuff and snacks, then to Eckerds to get a new journal. Then I have to paint my nails.
"why do we need to know this kendra???"
so you know why I won't answer my phone or type... my nails will be wet. Sorry.
Then 5:30am me, Shay, and Tiffany will hit the open road!! We will follow Ben and Lee, but still... girl road trip Oh- eight! Woo-hooooo!
Then a weekend of crazy awesome teaching, great worship and this person

OHHHH and Devon Kauflin's CD! Yay! I cannot wait to buy it. It should be incredible...
So please pray for a safe trip, cheap gas, restful sleep, tears that are only b/c of joy, hearts prepared for teaching, and mucho fun!
See you all on Tuesday!

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