Monday, June 2, 2008

na08 and pool dates

I normally take hundreds of pictures at Na... but for some reason this year that was not the case. I only took about 20 pics... and most of them were very boring, or just someone that Shaynah and I would appreciate.
It was an awesome year. A lot happened that gave me opportunity to apply the messages immediately. The night CJ gave the message on "the Troubled Soul" my money was stolen. It was my own stupid fault... I accidentally left my wallet at the Starbucks in the hotel lobby. When we got back to our room, I had a message from the front desk that my wallet was returned (PRAISE THE LORD!!) but when I got it all my cards, ID and what not where still there, but all my money was gone. I had brought cash so I would not be tempted to overspend while there. I am still having to deal with it...(using money NOT intended for Na in order to cover food and now having to trust the Lord to provide for THAT money) but God is good and will provide. I was able to rejoice in the fact that I had a chance to immediately apply, instead of my usual "hmmm... good message CJ. One day I might get a chance to use it" and the Lord even softened my heart to the person who took the money. I don't know their situation... that money might have helped meet some needs. So I was able to pray for them as well. And my sweet friends kindly bought my dinner that night, and lunch the next day. So sweet!
Here we are during Mark Dever's message. We were SO tired, we sat on the floor to keep us awake.

Joe's Crab Shack with Bethany
(for new readers... Shaynah, Bethany and I decided to create our own singles ministry a couple of years ago. It started out "the 24 & 23 year olds Single Ministry" and now it has no number. :)
But we have to take a picture together whenever we can.
These lunches are always so sweet. We are all running around like crazy, so you don't' get to see a lot of non-CrossWay people.... let alone CrossWay people! So usually we try to have time to catch up.

Tiffany had shoulder surgery about a month before. She came sans Andy, so it was fun having a "single girls" weekend with her. Since people kept accidentally bumping her arm, we decided the caution tape might help.
Someone else took this one. Please note how holy Taige, Shaynah and I are... giving thanks to the Lord for our meal he so kindly provided...
now notice Tiffany and Kyle. Just laughing it up.
(as a kid, I used to think that if you did not pray for your food, you would choke on it.)
This is our sweet sweet friend Jenn, who is moving up from FL and will most likely be joining the Mooresville church! We randomly met her when the church office gave her my name... she came up last fall for a job interview and needed a place to stay. She and I immediately hit it off, and Shaynah and I were able to show her the sites of Charlotte. We can't wait for her to be closer

One thing that you can't tell from these pictures was how AWESOME our seats were the whole time. Because Tif's arm could not be bumped or jostled, the ushers reserved seats for us... so we wouldn't have to fight the crazy crowds. We had great seats right up close, in the aisle, with plenty of room. The Lord was so kind. We didn't have to rush to get there 20 min early to find seats, we always knew where we were going to sit, and it was easier for everyone to find us afterwards.

For those of you who have never been, or weren't able to go this year, here is a teeny peek into Na. Josh made this for Cov Life, to be shown Sunday morning. The end was the most fun... we were waving like idiots, but you can't see us at all.

This weekend was quite sweet as well. On Saturday I had a very special visitor some and spend the morning with me


We were able to go to the pool before it was crowded. Let me tell you what... I appreciate you moms so much more after that short trip. Just getting there without a stroller, with her bag and pool float, trying to get HER up a steep hill to the pool... wow. Her hat fell off about 10 times on the walk, and I was finally able to convince her to NOT wear it. Each time it fell off, it involved me and Emily putting everything down (including her) and running after it.

But honestly, it was one of the sweetest times I have had in a while. What a joy to hang out with this sweet girl. She cracks me up. She was pretending to call all her friends and tell them that she was at the pool with me. They all went like this
"Aveyyy! (Avery) I my pool and Keyee. Ok bye."
"Kat-kat! I my pool and Keyee. Ok bye."
This picture was her pretending to call me. It was her "joke"
"Keyee... i my pool and Keyee...NO! KEYEE at pool!!!"

Jeanie, thank you so much for letting us have this time! Thank you for letting me be part of Yay-yay and Abby's lives! It is such a joy and blessing!

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Chavia said...

aw man i know how it feels to get stuff stolen at NA. its tough. thanks for bein such a good example through it!