Friday, June 27, 2008

summer continued

Have I mentioned yet that I love summertime?
Just in case you forget, I will probably mention it every week.
With new reasons. Or recap old reasons.

(again, photo creds
This morning Coldplay was on the Today show. They were playing songs from Viva la Vida. We all already know that the album is incredible. But were you aware of how sweet, adorable and nice they all are? Oh my gosh. They were being interviewed and Chris Martin was hilarious! When they started playing the title track, he started to mess up, and said "wow... i really messed that up. But you nice people don't mind, do you?" I always pictured him being somewhat stuck up and snotty. My bad Chris, my bad.
(do you see the lovely woman peeking out of the top of my head in the light green? That is Maw-maw. I adore her.)
My cousin Melissa is getting married tomorrow! So exciting! This was taken back in April at our cousin Shawn's wedding out in San Diego. I am so happy that he, his new wife Andrea, and my Aunt Sylvia will be here for the wedding! Woo-hoo! The scary thing is, so far these cousins have gotten married in age order. First Steve, then Ryan, then Shawn, now Melissa, next is... you guessed it. So we shall see what the Lord does there. :)
Anyway, Melissa is the closest cousin to me in age. We are just a few months apart. When we were about 12-14, I would spend the night at her house all the time, and we would watch the original Parent Trap... one of my all time favorite movies! We got to the point where we had the whole movie memorized. It was on TV this past Saturday, so I called her to say it was a "sign"... i don't know what it was "signing" but I assume it is something good.

The other night Shaynah made us a Syrian dinner. It was INCREDIBLE. I took pictures of it with David's new camera, but he has yet to email them. All the dishes had super hard to say names. I don't even want to try to type them. The rule was, you couldn't eat it unless you could pronounce it. Jeni and I were smart and would mumble the names with everyone when they would pronounce it. We pretty much butchered them, but thankfully no one really noticed. And Ben did a much worse job than we did. Anne pretty much mastered it. I am pretty sure she is really Syrian. The best part was when Ben asked "Can you pass... *points* that stuff..." and I replied "umm... the pitas? You can't say 'pitas'?" The food was amazing! There was silence when we all started eating. That is one thing about the Klebers... you are never lacking good food and wine when you go over there.

I have still been taking advantage of having a pool less than 1/8th of a mile from my doorstep

The past few times I have fallen asleep while reading. A few times I have awoken to find people staring at me. That can't be good. That means that I was either talking in my sleep or snoring. Neither is too adorable at the pool.
I have found the only downside to my pool-time... since I always wear my hair back, the top of my head is MUCH lighter than the rest of my hair. I really noticed it today. The top half of my hair has a brassy light reddish-brown look to it. The bottom has a dark dark brown look. And it is quite noticeable. I am not quite sure what to do about this... but I am sure I shall think of something. Until then, please do not point and laugh at my hair. I am a tad sensitive about it.

on the amazing news front...
It looks like Michael might be able to go home today! He has done fantastic since the surgery! God has been so GOOD! I was told he has been singing this song a lot in the hospital, so I thought it would be suiting to end here.
God over all
Giver of life and health and breath
I want to sing of Your love
Came as a man
Humble, You died the sinner’s death
I want to sing of Your love
Your love has saved me
By Your grace I now draw near, and
Your love has set me
Free to glorify Your name
And I, I want to sing of Your love
I’ll never forget
That You have bought me with Your blood
I want to sing of Your love
In all I do
May Your great love be shining through
I want to sing of Your love
And on that day
When You come back to claim Your own
Yes, we will sing of Your love
we’ll bow down
Praise You forever at Your throne
Yes, we will sing of Your love

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Anonymous said...

I know this is really random, and I don't know you, but I have been trying to figure out the name of that song and google took me to your site. Do you know what its called and who sings it? Thanks!