Tuesday, June 10, 2008

sweet summertime

(photo: esty.com)

Before i get too far into the post, i have the most fantastic news! One of my co-workers brought in donuts this morning. She gave me one that had black, blue and white sprinkles... not just any blue either... PANTHER blue! It is my lucky Panther donut! Do you know what this means??? WE ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!
One of the guys didn't understand how I went from getting a donut to the Panther's winning the superbowl in 3.5 seconds, but I think it makes PERFECT sense. So get your Steve Smith jerseys ready people!
This has been the craziest summer... and it has just started. So far I have gotten a new roommate, housed a visiting Korean, become Grill Master Sands, been invited to 4 weddings all 2 weeks apart, and NOT found out what my future malament niece/nephew is.
Oh, and my car didn't start this morning... so please be praying for that mess.

Emily and I have had the joy of having Jenna Funke (yes... funky...) move in with us. She has been such a blast! She and I have had some fun trips to the pool, and it amazes me how quickly she jumped into the group!
I have been grilling like it ain't nobodies business. This weekend alone I grilled burgers, brats and more burgers. Tomorrow I am grilling some chicken. It is the most fun ever. I think when I get married I will fight my husband for grilling duties. And I need a "Kiss the Cook" apron.

Those of you who know Emily know her heart for Korea. She and Daniel are heading on a trip out there later this summer. But it has been fun watching her reach out to girls from campus. She invited an awesome girl named Kok-hee (kooky) to live with us for a month. Kok-hee lived in NY for a couple of months, went home to Korea for a few weeks, then flew straight into Charlotte, without knowing a soul! She and Emily had been emailing, so it was already arranged that she would stay with us. It has been a blast! She is the cutest person ever. And it has been incredible viewing the area through her eyes. Little things that she is awestruck by that we totally take for granted. We drove to Sonic the other night, and she had her nose pressed to the window looking at all the trees, horses... everything

"mmm... smells....FRESH!" she announced. Then we drove by the cows "ew... no. not fresh"
She is hilarious! She LOVES the card games we have taught her, had a blast a church, and we have had MANY opportunities to present the gospel to her. God has been so kind to open opportunities to do that, just through the language barrier. The other day she asked what "sin" meant.
She also asked what air quotes were and what they meant. Try explaining that. Just try. It took us about 20 minutes.
We took her to Pops in the Park, which she loved. It is awesome seeing what a great city we live in. It is so easy to forget. But seeing how excited she gets over everything re-opened our eyes.
Oh, and the girl LOVES her meat... she is a big fan of my grilling. The brats were her fave so far!

Please pray we have more chances to present the gospel, and that her heart would be turned towards the Lord!

Happy Summer Everyone!


Anne said...

I really like the two pictures. They are super pretty. I also like the words in between the pictures, a little bit.

Campbell said...

That's awesome that you and Em are sharing the Lord with adorable Asians. I wish i had one to share with... envy envy. Really tho, God is pleased. I'll be praying for her.

(and you're car... just threw a quick one up there for her too. I like to call those little tiny prayers "quispers" quick whispers for help to the Lord. Feel free to quisper one for me and Eva. The little darling doesn't want to sleep at night these days.... we're so tired.)

I've never had a brat. Should i?