Thursday, June 19, 2008 continued

Photo catch up...

Me and Mindy at Pops in the Park

Shay and I trying to hide from everyone, and the heat at Pops in the Park

This one is just fantastic. Adam and I were trying to show everyone just how tall he is... and just how short I am. Keep in mind, his arm is over 8 feet in the air. And I am standing. I promise

Ladies and Gentlemen... I present

YES! The Legend is true!

Here is Emily and Kok-hee at Sonny's. Yeah, we threw down.
Here is Joe's surprise 30th B-day party... the boys kidnapped him to bring him there. So sweet. Stretch had the job of pulling off the pillowcase. Brave man.

Here is Alathea picking her nose with both fingers at her Daddy's party. Eileen and I were encouraging her to do it.

Here is further proof that i AM Grill Master Sands... everyone else had eaten already, so i fixed myself a little somethin somethin

I know this looks gross, but it was incredible. I mixed feta cheese with A1 sauce and topped the burger with it while still on the grill. It was AWESOME. I think it would have been better with blue cheese (YUM) but this was still pretty awesome. And yes, that is a HUGE diet coke next to it. Those have become a "special occasion" treat only. And this glorious burger was a "special occasion"
Oh, now you are admiring my plate aren't you? Yes... I got it at Target. For $1. I have 8 of them. Some San Fran ones, London ones and NY ones. You may admire them.

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Jeanie said...

I cannot believe you taught her to pick her nose!!!!

I love the picture of you and adam- hysterical!