Tuesday, June 3, 2008

welcome back

It was time for a change.
It was 11:30 pm. I was not sleepy.
A change was needed.
I can't afford a new haircut... and I like the length/style of it now
except it needed a change.
And I realized what needed to happen
An old friend needed to come back
So I did what any girl would do
I put on the theme song from "Welcome Back Kotter"
stood in front of the bathroom mirror
got out the scissors
and brought back my euro bangs.

And that is the story behind the Bang Massacre of 2008

welcome back, welcome back, welcome baaaaack

some of you might be looking at this and thinking
"Kendra, they don't look any different than they did the last time I saw you"
well, to the untrained eye, that might be true.
But the fact is that I had been sporting the swoop bangs for a while. The kind that if i brushed them forward they would reach my nose. I had been rockin' those for the past 2 years. In the middle of that I introduced and temporarily sported the French Bangs which can now be spotted on Jeni Malament.
But these are my new improved choppysassyfunkyfreshcrazy bangs. I saw a picture in a magazine, and they pretty much turned out exactly how i had pictured.
And as of right now I adore them. We will see how I feel about them tomorrow. Thankfully, my hair grows at a freakishly fast rate. So I think I will be ok.

While I have you in my bathroom, let me introduce you to one of my favorite house purchases... my shower curtain. Pretty much the best one ever made

PS- Annie, look who wants to say hi...


The Nilsen Nest said...

I saw that picture and I was like "wow, they are choppy & sassy & funky & fresh & crazy! Way to gooooo! And I love the shower curtain!

Anne said...

I have shower curtain envy.......and my duck, yes, he is still fabulous.....when will be be making his journey to my porch???