Tuesday, July 22, 2008


bad news: Smitty didn't come today. I don't want to talk about it.
To be honest, I totally forgot this morning when I got to work. But that is ok.
good news: I had the most awesome sandwich today. I kid you not. I went to Earthfare and got the FANTASTIC mozzarella tomato basil pesto panini. Get it. Because that scoundrel is incredible... as if unicorns, woodland fairies, Jedi knights and loving dinosaurs all gathered together and combined their magical powers to make the perfect sandwich. Add an Apple Izze and you have the best lunch ever. Also, I am going to see Dark Knight tonight. HOORAH!

PS- I SWEAR Andy Warhol was at Earthfare.

Other than the fact that he has been dead for 21 years... but other than that... HE. WAS. THERE. Making a lovely salad. And he probably went back to the Factory and made silk screen prints of the salad. Or my sandwich.

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The Nilsen Nest said...

We would LOVE to go to the pool with you sometime! We actually go to the Winchester pool with the Herlihy's sometimes, but it does look like Wellington in the picture. Hang out time soon, K?