Friday, July 25, 2008

Dark Knight was incredible It is really dark, creepy (mainly due to the fact that you are watching Heath, knowing he is dead...) but fantastic. Christian Bale was wonderful as always. I honestly think he is my favorite Batman thus far. Heath Ledger was amazing in the movie. If you haven't seen the movie, I am sure you have heard that a million times. But honestly, seeing it is crazy. Go see that movie. Go. See. It.
(this is from my favorite scene of the movie. I laughed so hard in this part)

Tonight I leave for a short overnight trip to Roanoke Va
Our dear dear dear friend Todd Smith (aka Slim Smitty... aka Todd the Bod) is getting maaarrriied.
Some of you might be reading this (I am guessing none of you are actually reading this, but lets pretend someone is) and thinking "Todd... i know that name..."
Todd was one of the first M28 interns. He and Adam Campbell moved out here for the internship... Todd went home and Adam REFUSES to leave. No matter how much we hint at it.
Todd was such a joy to have out here, and built so many friendships. He is honestly one of the funniest people I know. Here are 2 Todd stories:
He helped Dena and I move into the house 3 years ago. He came with me to pick up the Uhaul truck. It was in downtown Charlotte, and he decided the best way to get to downtown from University area was to take 485 to South Blvd. If you don't live in Charlotte, we made a 15 mile drive into a 45 miles drive. We got the HUGE truck (they "upgraded" us) which was stick shift, and then it started to overheat. So we turned the heat on, like i was taught by my mom. Todd insisted on singing "THE HEAT IS ON!" the whole way to the house. And he did not stop singing it as we were in Dena's apartment complex loading the truck. He sang it all the way to the house.
but the all time GREATEST Todd story was my surprise b-day party. He was sitting on the edge of the deck, which is about 6 feet off the ground. Stretch walked up behind him, and leaned against the wall of the deck. Todd looks back at Stretch and yells in a falsetto voice "CATCH MEEEEE" and hurls himself off the deck backwards, full of faith that Stretch will catch him. Instead, Stretch just looks down at him as he falls, not moving, not trying at all. So by the time we all run to the edge and look over the little wall, there is Todd lying on his back on the ground looking stunned. I don't know if I have ever laughed that hard.
Todd found his adorable fiance Hannah... she is incredible. Their story has been amazing... something you would read about in a Jane Austin novel. They have broken up, gotten back together, become engaged, called off the engagement, get re-engaged, and now they are getting married on Saturday!!! Woo-hoo! God has been so faithful to them. There is no doubt that he created them for each other from day 1. But the best part is seeing how he has worked in their hearts! I am so excited!!

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