Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Extreme Makeover

I don't know if you have heard... but the city of Charlotte is KINDA a big deal. Extreme Makeover is in town! Ty and crew are in Charlotte this week. It has been all over the news. Some people here at work are taking off a day this week to go and help. I really really really REALLY want to, but my position does not really allow that as easily as theirs do. BLAST!
Now I won't have a chance to break Ty's megaphone. That has always been a dream of mine
ALSO... to prove how awesome and newsworthy Charlotte is, the Jonas Bros were in town. And played kickball. It was also all over the news. So instead of covering the economy, crazy weather and other local news... we are covering a kickball game and construction job. And I can't GET ENOUGH OF IT!

Here are 2 of the brother Jonas. I get them confused so i THINK it is Nick and Kevin. I think. I am not quite sure. All I know about them for sure, is the one in the white is the only one old enough to marry me and buy me that house i love on Old Statesville near Toast.

PS- They love Jesus. And they have pledged to be pure until marriage. Good job guys!


The Nilsen Nest said...

Where is the house?! I would love to drive by it and take some pictures for you!

The Nilsen Nest said...

Never mind, I googled it :)

Chavia said...

i saw the head guy of extreme makeover at the last wedding i shot! He and the crew were having a meeting in the hotel lobby...he had a body guard and everything....

Anne said...

Um, the Jonas brother not in the white shorts looks incredibly funny to me in those pants.....someone needs to tell him that that is not proper kickball attire.

Elissa said...

i see you like the jonas brothers.

i live for them.

ps. i'm gonna go write the same thing on your facebook wall.