Monday, July 21, 2008


I walked into the lobby of the studio, and my boss was over there covering the receptionist desk. Normally we start chatting or what not.
Today I walked in and she was grinning. I got the the HUGE desk and she said "Di Angelo Williams is here."


So, I started to take off to roam the hallways in search of #34. I had an immediate mental picture of my tearing through the labyrinth that is Media Comm, and slamming into him. What a funny story we would both have to tell after that. "The Day I Met De Angelo" and "The Day The Crazy White Girl Ran Into Me & I Sued Her." Ahhh... memories.
Instead Teresa stopped me and said "he is about to walk through... just stand there"
So I stood as still as one who was about to meet the running back from the Carolina Panthers can be. I held on to the desk, took some deep breaths, prepared a speech that would sound charming and off the cuff. In my head it went something like this
"Hello De Angelo. My name is Kendra. I am a huge Panthers fan"
"Um... hi"
"Since I am such a huge panther fan, may i please have season tickets...."
"um... ok."
He would then hand me 5 tickets for the 50 yard line, 6 rows back. And we would high-five and go out for smoothies. And then he would let me come to training camp and give John Fox my thoughts. They would mostly consist of squeals and clapping.

Instead, he walked out and gave me a huge smile, said goodbye to Teresa (who was giggling worse than I did with Steve Smith) and patted me on the arm as he walked by "see ya" he said. I didn't say a word, just smiled the whole time. There wasn't really an opening for the "can I have season tickets" convo. Maybe next time.

As I was typing this, one of my co-workers came up to me and said "Did you see Williams?"
I grinned and said yes I did. He said "ok, since you told me to warn you next time... Steve Smith will probably be in tomor-..." that was all he got out, because I started jumping up and down and squealing. I ran out of the room, only to immediately return and ask what time he would be here. So tomorrow I am going to make sure to dress super cute and get my hairs did. All for this man.

Wouldn't you? Lets hope for season tickets. Or at least an autograph.


Anne said...

Why not aim for the skies and shoot for a proposal???

Anne said...

Haha, show how much of a Panthers fan I am....had NO idea he was married:)