Tuesday, July 29, 2008

i can't help it

Ok, I am sorry, but honestly, this totally made my day. I can't help it.
Bear with me for just a moment...
I read this today and started clapping and giggling.

"Gross on Peppers: He's better than ever"

You must understand a few things

1) Peppers is my FAVORITE player. EVER.

2) last year he was so bad, it looked like he was drinking a bottle of Nyquil before each game. There were rumors of the flu, mono, everything. He denied it and said he was just not playing well. And not to excuse his crappy-ness.

3) No matter what, I still love him. But I want him to be super awesome.
4) and most importantly... he has a beard in this picture. That makes me love him even more, if that is possible.

Here is the rest of the article

Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers is set to have a smashing season, says offensive tackle Jordan Gross.
“I'll say this with 100 percent confidence: I think he's going to have his best year ever,” Gross said Monday after getting bull-rushed backward by Peppers during a morning training camp practice.
“He's better than I've ever seen him. Barring anything unknown, there's no reason he won't go out and just set records. He looks really, really good.”
Peppers, 28, is coming off the worst season of his career. After recording 531/2 sacks in his first five seasons, he had 21/2 last year. His 55 tackles were one shy of a career low.
Gross wouldn't speculate on why Peppers had a down year.
“He got sick, (but) he's the only one who can tell you what he was going through last year.”
Like in previous years, Gross has to block him in practice. He said Peppers looks more imposing than ever and offered reasons for the improvement.
“I know he really enjoys being on the defensive right side,” Gross said of Peppers' offseason switch from left to right end. “I think it's a bit of a new challenge for him.
“I know he's been training all offseason. I've talked to him as much as he'll talk and he said he just feels stronger, faster, bigger than ever. It's definitely true just in these few days I've been going against him. He's been making me earn everything I've been getting.”
Peppers' skills and strength are more well-rounded than when he first entered the NFL in 2002. Back then, he was known as a quick, athletic pass rusher, but now he gets more straight-ahead push. Gross found that out when he was shoved back quickly by Peppers' bull rush Monday.
On Sunday, Peppers put a lightning-quick spin move on backup tackle Frank Omiyale in one-on-one drills.
“There's really not going to be anybody better than him this year,” said Gross. “If he keeps on the same pace he's on now, he's just going to kill people.”

My favorite part of the interview was when Gross said "I've talked to him as much as he'll talk and he said..."
Hahaha... that is why I love Pep.

Here are the rest of the boys, doing what they do.
(honestly, i am so excited about this season. Even if we are horrible, just seeing these pics of them playing together... EEK!)

See, look how scary and awesome and strong and awesome Peppers looks here. He is playing football like it is his J-O-B... which it is. So...yeah.

Look how happy Steve Smith is that he won't have to carry the team by himself...
(this was taken before he found out that they cancelled his shoot last week... at this point he still thought we would see each other. The pictures AFTER he found out are too sad. He was weeping. That is right. Weeping.)

Look who ELSE is back! Shake-n-bake-Jake! He is going to get it done. Yup.
(notice Pep going for him. See. ON FIRE!)

the best kicker in the entire world... Kasay. I love this man. And he loves Jesus.

Smith: "Hey Jake... are you actually playing this season? Like... are you NOT going to get hurt? Yeah... that would be great."

Jake: "GOSH STEVE! Don't be a JERK... guess what? I just cancelled your ESPN shoot. THATS RIGHT! NOW you can see KENDRA! And Williams saw her yesterday. WHAT NOW!?!"

WHAT????? DUUUUUUE (see how angry he looks? it only got worse. But I will spare you)

Our new British kicker, Rhys Lloyd. I can't wait for interview with his British accent. Lets hope he doesn't get American football and his football confused

YES! Matt Moore. One of my co-workers met him. She is older and super sweet. She told him about me and that I loved him (not true... well, not the way she meant it) and asked him to marry me. He laughed. She said "no really, I think you would like her"... he said "um... ma'am... I am already married"

Then she felt the need to share the story with the entire lunch table the next day. OH, and she gave him my full name. Lets pray he has a horrible memory if I ever meet him.


(true story, he almost rear ended me once. He pulled next to me and waved and mouthed "I am so sorry". Once I realized it was him I started bouncing up and down, waving frantically and yelling "HI! HI COACH!!! HI! " How awesome would it have been if he had hit me. I would have asked for his car. And season tickets for life.

What does this mean? Well, lets look at what we have so far... I got the magic panther donut a few weeks back, Williams came into the studio and smiled at me, and now this new about Peppers?



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Girl! I think you've got too much time on your hands ;)

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Oh, poor girl. She is going to be soooo disappointed when da COLTS win the Super Bowl...again!!! ;)