Monday, July 28, 2008

jet fuel

We have an awesome coffee machine at work. You pick a "pod" of coffee (a little single serving cup of grounds) in the flavor you want and put it into the machine, and ta-daa... a hot cup O joe.
Today I tried "Jet Fuel"... I think the name is pretty self explanatory. I needed it today, and so far it is working wonders.
Last weekend we had our honorary Charlotteans in town... the Murphys!!!
Keara is pretty much my new BFF. She is pretty much the cutest ever.

I am going to give you a moment to take in the gloriousness of this picture.

Take your time.

Let me know when you are ready....

Ok, this is Ali and Shea, 2 co-workers of mine. Some of you know Shea through Chris and Kath. Good kid.
This was from Shea's last day at work. The guys decided to wear shorts and clip on ties. Shea did not have a clip-on, so he wore a real tie. But that is not the point. Here are the points

1) Ali has dolphins on his shorts
2) those are not black suspenders... those are 2 of his LONG dreads. Honestly, they are almost to his knees

a few weeks back i went to another co-workers wedding, Misty. She has become a dear friend. The wedding was at Freedom Park, which is in one of the nicest neighborhoods in Charlotte. Shortly after i took this picture, it started POURING rain. We all had to run under the covering and they scooted back against the wall. Very... cozy.

This was right before she walked out. She was standing under a tree and her dad opened a HUGE umbrella to cover her. She was probably walking at this point since everyone is looking to the left.

Speaking of weddings, Friday Liz and I drove up to Roanoke Va for Todd Smith's wedding. Shay met us there, and everyone showed up Saturday morning.
The wedding was so sweet... and honestly my FAVORITE part was Todd's beard. Hannah requested it for the wedding, and it was incredible.

The pastor made many references to their story, the breakups and their hearts to seek the Lord and his will on all aspects of their relationship. It is so amazing to see how the Lord knitted them closer through all this.
And for real... the beard. Fantastic. In fact, when it was my turn to talk to them, I hugged her, and then we chatted about the beard. For a while. I could not take my eyes off of it. AND that is why Hannah is the most awesome. It was a good look for Todd the Bod. Or Todd the BEARD! YES!

Todd is one of those people who is loved by everyone. We became great friends while he was here. I still consider him one of my closest guy friends. I once joked with him that he would be one of my bridesmaids. Instead, I promised Adam that he and Todd can be the MCs at my wedding. And they can be as off-color as they want :)

JJ tried on Shay's sunglasses. Lovely.

i noticed this looked like I have sideburns. I don't.

these are our "we are tried and hungry and though we love Todd, we want to go home" faces
I found this oldie this week. This was from some point last year, when Jeanie, Kristie, Alathea and I went to Birkdale. Pre-Abi! It is crazy seeing how much this girlie has grown!

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I enjoyed your randomness of this post. Excellent work friend.