Monday, July 7, 2008


Ok, to start off...

Daniel proposed to Emily 4th of July morning. So sweet! They are both hilariously happy and excited. If they weren't so stinkin' cute, it would be disgusting. We all probably would have gagged.
Daniel did a GREAT job with the ring, and even sent her to get a manicure before the 4th of July party, since he knew everyone would be looking at her hand. Smart boy.

Back track to Tuesday... Shay's b-day! We went to see Dave Matthews (her all time FAVORITE, and he happened to be playing in Charlotte on her b-day! Awesome present!)

I made her wear this tiara the whole time. she was actually thrilled to do so, this picture was a reaction to the people sitting next to us. They were a tad annoying.

Shay and I with Ryan, one of our favorite brothers!
(please note my headband. This is my favorite thing that I currently own. I have been waiting to buy it for over a month, and finally got it.)

Ok, back to the 4th. Shay once again opened her home to host the "4th of July Festival of Fun"!!!

Lis was a card shark.

Our heroes Joey and Ryan grilled out in the pouring rain! They were rewarded with ribs instead of the burgers we got. They MORE than deserved it! (just moments later Joey wore goggles when it REALLY started pouring)

I asked Daniel C. and Baby T what they thought of the party thus far...

Then we made the walk to the lake for fireworks! The boys outdid themselves this year. There were a few scares (Daniel and Mark being hit with a firework... whoops. Thankfully Daniel was oblivious... he was still looking into Emily's eyes.) but overall it was fantastic.

Then we finished the night by all jumping into the lake.

This Labor Day, Shaynah, Bethany, Kristie and I are going to Folly beach. We are spending the long weekend at the beach, spending a day or so in Charleston. Instead of getting a hotel, we decided to rent a house... I am waiting to hear back from a few, but i think this one is the winner.

What you are looking at is the back of the house.. where there is an outdoor shower. I have a feeling we will be fighting for that one.

Saturday morning I had the joy of going to brunch with Jeanie and the girls. Jeanie was so sweet to take me to our favorite breakfast place, Toast! The girls was hilarious and fantastic as usual.

we found a train by the farmers market that Alathea had fun it. The only way we could tear her off of it was the bribe her with a present from Target...
Sweet Abi!
When we asked Alathea what she would like her present to be, she said "moo moo". And, of course, she wanted a real cow. Not a toy one. And she would feed it eggs and it would live in her room.
Thankfully, she settled for a pink horse and the most amazing shoes ever. Right after this picture, she made me put them on her, and then did not take them off. The girl at the checkout line had to scan her feet. Jeanie wrote a blog about the fantastic shoes (

It was a fantastic weekend!


Anne said...

Aww, it sounds like SO much fun! I laughed at the picture of you and Ryan and Shaynah, mostly because of Kerrinin in the back.....but also because of Ryan. Is your head band made of peacock feathers per chance? You need to post a better picture of its loviliness.

Kelley Murphy said...

i'd have my feet scanned too!