Thursday, July 17, 2008


So there I was... strolling through target on my lunch break, with a new Starbucks smoothie (yum!)...
I was planning on getting some wall decals for our hall bathroom.
So I was cruising right along, and then I passed the 2nd most dangerous section of Target (1st most dangerous is shoes...)

the baby clothes department. One of the tops jumped out at me... super cute brown and pink flowy tank top. As I looked at this top, I heard a squeaky little voice in my head

"Salutations Aunt Kenni! This is baby Kate... please purchase this for me! I will look spectacular in it!"

"wow baby Kate... that is quite a vocabulary you have, considering you are still in your mother's womb..." I said out loud, earning stares from the people around me

"I know... mommy has a good vocabulary too. I have learned it from her. And daddy is a nerd, so some of it is probably from his as well. But back to the point, buy it for meeee!"

So I did. She also pointed out some other tops. Including a onesie that said "My daddy ROCKS... he sings to me!"
My all time favorite though is the most amazing sun dress. They only had it in one size, and thankfully, she will be able to fit in it next summer! I cannot wait to see her in everything. I am in big trouble if I am already shopping for her.
At one point I had picked up a top and I heard

"ew... put that back. That is sooo 2 trimesters ago."

"what do YOU know... you haven't even see what people are wearing now." I replied

"have you MET my mom?" she asked in a sassy manner that will have to be addressed at some point after the birth.

"true... true"

Yay for baby kate!

Also, please meet my new workout instructor

Yes... all you Dancing with the Stars, my new work-out instructor is Maksim Chmerkovskiy! (aka Maks). I got the DWTS work out DVD.
There are 2 other dancers from the show along with Maks, teaching you basic moves and what not. It is a blast, and a lot harder than it sounds. Muscles hurt that I didn't even know I had. But again, total blast. Maks is a good teacher *BIG AWKWARD WINK*


Anne said...

LOL, I greatly enjoyed your conversation with my unborn child:) Thanks for buying her some cute clothes! We are both oh-so-excited to see them....although it seems Kate already has....since she picked them out:)
Love you!

Steven, Erin, Anna, and Brooke said...


You're right, Target's baby clothes rock. Kate's a lucky girl!!

The Blackburn Crew said...

Hehe Anna Cate suckered me into that shirt too...and unfortunatly ever other shirt on that same rack

Madeira girl said...

Too funny! I really love to read your stuff, girl.