Monday, August 18, 2008

eight is great

He did it!
What an incredible moment. Right before the last swim, a bunch of us had to catch Emily and Daniel up on what was going on. They have been in Korea for a couple of weeks, and been lost in each other's eyes for the rest of the time. So they were both pretty clueless about Michael Phelps and why the number 8 was so important to him. Questions like "Who is Spitz?" and "so why is it important that he wins this one?" and even "wait, what's this guys name again?" At one point Emily got excited that Italy was swimming, and started to cheer for them. I threatened to kick her out for treason. And pointed out that this is one of the few moments our entire country is united. So lets all get on board!
But honestly, how awesome was that? We were standing for Phelps entire leg of the relay, and I was practically on the couch for the anchor.
I also have to admit I almost teared up seeing him cry on the stand.
But let me mention this... I have been watching the Olympics on a 60+ inch TV. I have been house sitting all week. We watched the swim in Hi-def.
If you thought ol' Mikey's ears were big... trying seeing that EXTREME close-up on a 60+in TV in high definition. We could see the veins in his ears. Those puppies are enormous.

Happy moment!

This actually did make me tear up a bit. I watched and interview with his mom this morning, and she said seeing the sea of photographer part and her boy running up towards her was one of the best moments ever. See, things like this make me want to have all boys. So sweet!

Oh, they arrived!

it took a while for my eyes to adjust. I haven't worn glasses in over 10 years and forgot how distorted things can look through them ( I started to fall down the stairs when I first put them on)
So thinking there was something wrong with them, I went to Lens Crafters to buy another pair that worked. I bought the most gorgeous (expensive) pair of DKNY glasses. I adored them. And then when I realized that they worked the exact same, I knew I had to take them back. So sad. SO I wore them to church for one last hurrah. When I brought them back, I told the lady not to show them to me, that it was breaking me heart. She looked at them and said "I understand"
But, everyone went to Bubba's BBQ for lunch, and that ALWAYS cheers me up!

less than 2 weeks till the beach! Huzzah!


Steven, Erin, Anna, and Brooke said...

You and your glasses look so happy together. Seriously, they look great! Thanks for the pic.

Anne said...

The glasses are lovely......the other ones were stinky....really, they had an odor.....