Monday, August 11, 2008

*fist pump*
today is going to be a good day. Today is MJ's day. MJ's is a little donut place near work, and they make the BEST donuts ever. Every morning we supply breakfast for our editors and producers. Once every 3 weeks or so, they get MJ's. Whatever is left over, we get. And there is usually about 8 donuts left over, so I get to pick one of the good ones.

Also, I will have a new roommate starting next month! A week or so ago, I found out that one of my roommates would not be returning, and the girl who was thinking of taking her place would not be. And they would be out in September. I called one of my friends, Jenn, who is moving here from FL. I knew she was planning on going on the Mooresville church plant, and wanted to get an apartment, but I just threw the idea out to her. She said she would think and pray about it... but her parents may not go for it. Well, on Sunday she came to look at the house with her family, told me that they didn't even bother looking at apartments and she would be moving in at the beginning on September! JUST LIKE THAT!
Isn't the Lord SOO kind? The Lord has been so sweet to remind me of his grace, that it is never earned, never due to good behavior. I know we all know that to be true, but just realizing that it comes along at our worst moments. Mick gave a message on Jonah this week. We were all reminded that in the midst of Jonah's screw up, the Lord still showed him grace! There will still mercies! I am a huge screw up. I really am. One of those people who commits the same sin 8 billion times, and I am still shocked that it turns out bad... yeah. And yet each time, there is grace. This weekend, before Jenn told me she was moving in, I was pouting, whining, and becoming so fearful. I was doubting the Lord's care for me, and getting angry at the entire situation. Yet during that, he decided to provide me with a friend agreeing to live with me! An awesome friend that I am going to have an awesome time with! What a sweet Father we have!

Last week I had the joy to watch the Blackburn twins and Alathea. Three 2-year olds. It was like having triplets. I was a bit nervous going into it. But we had a BLAST! They were so fun!
The twins heard Alathea call me "Kenni" so they tried. It came out more like "Connie" so I told them they could stick with Kendra...

Yes CJ?
What dat?
Um... my phone
Oh. What dat?
my purse
Oh. Kedaah... what dat?
Alathea's toy
Oh. What dat?
Your sister.

I really had the most fun with them. And we get to do it again next week! But, to be honest, this might break me of my desire for triplets. But I think I would still be ok with twins. We shall see.

Thank you Eileen and Jeanie for having awesome kids!

(PS- as for the glasses, I ordered some online from a site a friend of mine uses. I was able to get 2 pairs for about $18 each! And my insurace paid for all of it! Hoorah!)

Go Michael!! Go USA!! Go Swimming!! No really, go to the pool. It is lovely out.
Honestly, this might have been one of the best moments ever. Until the next swim. That one was incredible too. But this one just made me happy.


The Nilsen Nest said...

The Lord is ALWAYS faithful to provide you with roommates :) He never skips a beat. Awesome. Thanks for letting us come to the pool with you, Audrey had a blast! Love you!

Robin said...

you're soo cool! hey...what's the eyeglasses site? i'm gonna need glasses soon!

Steven, Erin, Anna, and Brooke said...

For those of us that don't see you that much anymore, we are going to need a pic of your new specs when you get them.

You're right, that men's relay was off the chain! As I'm sure you can tell in the picture, my only concern at the time was that Michael Phelps' family jewels would make an appearance as well.
Is that inappropriate to say? Oh, well, it happens that my middle name is Inappropriate.