Wednesday, August 6, 2008

four eyes

I went to the eye doctor yesterday. I hate going to the eye doctor. And for one reason... the air-puff eye test thing. it is to test for glaucoma, but it is horrible.

It took my old eye doctor about 15 minutes per eye. I would flinch, blink, jump back...
there is an episode of Friends where that happened. The nurse said she saw it and thought of me when i came to pick up my contacts.

So when it came time to find a new eye doctor, I asked if they did the OTHER eye test. Horizon did, so they were the winner! Plus they are like 3 seconds down the road.

Anyway, my eye doctor yelled at me about the fact that I don't own any glasses. He said that was NOT ok, considering how blind i am. "What happens if you lose a contact??" he asked.

So now I am on the hunt for some cute glasses. Ones that i might wear outside of the 5 seconds it takes from getting from my bed to the bathroom. Ones that are cute enough, i could wear to work and out and about. Not just ugly "oh, i am sick..." glasses.
Here are the ones I am thinking of thus far. My favorites cost waaaay too much, but honestly, SO CUTE
These are my faves. They are $200, but honestly, I adore them. And I would wear them EVERY DAY. And I don't think anyone else would have them. I keep coming back to these, so I might splurge on them with my flex-spending account at work.
I like these too, and they come in black ...

These also come in black and tortoise shell. CUUUUUTE. I think i would get the black ones, but for some reason it selected this picture instead.

But the pink ones keep luring me back to them. I kinda hope that i go to try them on and they look like vomit on my face so I can't get them... maybe not that bad... but you know

And I will look super smart in glasses. That is exciting.

So there ya go. Super exciting. If you see super cute glasses that scream "KENDRA" or "HUSBAND GETTING GLASSES"... let me know.


The Nilsen Nest said...

Oh, I'd love to find some for you! I say red and pink are a little tricky. What if you wear red and you're wearing your pink glasses or vice versa. Ewwww, that just wouldn't work. I say black and turquoise all the way! I'll let you know if I find something...

The Nilsen Nest said...

I found 3 already! Tell me what you think!
(my fav out of the 3)

Inexpensive and super cute!

Steven, Erin, Anna, and Brooke said...

No matter what you wear you'll look great! You can't hide "cool" behind glasses, girl.

The Murphys said...

Josh and I vote for the middle pair. To me they say, "I wear glasses because I CAN, not because I HAVE to."

Ashley said...

Pink ones are so much fun! but sometimes you find that it is a bit hard to match colorful glasses all the time. I used to have green ones, that i loved! but I always looked like I was in the army from trying to match them...just a thought.

Any of those will look great!