Wednesday, August 20, 2008

girlie girl girl

Oh deary me...
Who needs a calendar? I know I am in trouble when I start crying at commercials. Today is was an Olympic Visa commercial. Oh, to be a girl. What a magical lovely thing. Crying at ad space trying to encourage me to spend money by getting a credit card and buying things I can't afford. *sigh*
But, to be fair, it was the Keri Strug one, and the last scene when Bella Caroli is carrying her. *sniffle*
But, one thing that I am a sucker for is sweet, sad songs. As long as they aren't too sappy. One that I am steering clear of this week is The Park, by one of my favorite singers, Feist. Super pretty! It's about her thinking she saw the guy she loves in the park. She is pretty much having to give herself a pep talk. Trying to talk some sense to herself.

Why should he come back through the park?
You thought that you saw him but no you did not
It's not him who'd come across
The sea to surprise you
Not him who would know
Where in London to find you
Why should he come back through the park?
You thought that you saw him but no you did not
Who can be sure of anything through
The distance that keeps you
From knowing the truth
Why would you think your boy could become
The man who could make you sure he was the one?
yeah... ouch.
Anyway, how good it is to know that no matter where our minds, hearts and emotions are during this magical week, God is unchanging! His goodness, faithfulness, grace and love isn't based on circumstance. It's just how we view him that changes.
One thing that made me laugh very very hard was a cartoon I saw this week. I was going to put up a picture of it, but I couldn't find one, and I felt a little uneasy about it.
So instead let me describe it to you
It is a picture of an egg... a lady-body-egg. Not a chicken egg.
And the "swimmers" are charging to the egg. But one is wwwaaaaaay in front of all the others. and there a green line separating it from the others... there is an arrow pointing to the "swimmer" that says "Michael Phelps".
It cracked me up. For about 5 minutes straight. I went back and looked at it about 10 times throughout the day.
Anyway, that is enough of my "lady" post.


Kelley Murphy said...

That is awesome. (and probably a picture of how most men view themselves...)

Anne said...

What is the "magical week"? What are you talking about....huh?

What's a lady egg?

Michael Phelps?