Thursday, August 28, 2008


my birthday is next week.
I am turning 25. Again. I have been 25 for a few years now. The first time i turned 25 was traumatic. The 2nd time not so bad. I am about to do it again. It should be easy as pie this time.
Now, please look at the following pictures, and tell me what you notice about them

Yes, these are all important men in American history/culture. The first and last ones happen to be personal favorites of mine.

But these men all have 1 fantastic thing in common. Their glorious mustaches. Mustaches make me laugh. In a good way. They bring me joy.

So, I asked all my dear guy friends to grow mustaches as my b-day present. So far, 5 of them are on board. The best part, is they will (hopefully) all be sporting their dashing facial hair that Sunday at church. For all of you CrossWayers, keep your eye out on September 7th.
This could be AWESOME.

Especially considering some of them won't be able to grow a stache in the time frame. Some of them might have what I like to call, the "mexi-stache"... you know, those little wisps of hair that blow in the breeze. Aaahhh yeah!

Let me end with my current favorite stache, the foo-manchu.
I am REALLY hoping a few of the guys go for the foo-man.

and my favorite guy who has ever sported it?

Phelps giving props to Spitz.

This will be the best birthday ever.


Steven, Erin, Anna, and Brooke said...

First of all, Happy Birthday! What's wrong with being 27??? (you are turning 27 right?) I can't wait til I turn 30! I'm thinking I will ask Steven for a cemetery plot for my gift ;)

Secondly, dost mine eyes deceive me or is that GOLD CHAINS on Spitzie's medals? Dude, that is a serious Mr. T moment there. Ghetto fabulousity at its best.

Anne said...

I'm sorry my husband refused to give you your requested birthday presant:(

Another thing about all those men is that almost all of them have soft brown curls in one form or another (except the unfortunate Dr. Phil) which would make David look even more perfect. He has soft brown curls. Alas, alas

He does not love you as much as I do. It's very sad.

Laurel Bates said...

I will tell Tobs to grow you one. Happy Birthday!