Friday, September 26, 2008

best. night. ever.

yesterday was amazing. so many amazing little things happened...

1) my favorite barista at the starbucks by work gave me a free vente soy latte. Just because "they miss my happy face"...
I used to go in all the time, but realized i was not being a good steward. So that made my afternoon happy!
2) MOTHER OF PEARL! (that is what shaynah and i say when we are shocked.)
many many amazing things happened on the office. they played a dolly parton song, which i got super excited about! (if you don't watch the show, go ahead and skip to 3... ) then the 2 best characters in television finally got engaged! it was AWESOME

3) this one doesn't affect me directly, but it made me smile. i was raised a UCLA fan. if you are a bruins fan, your worst enemy is USC. Just a fact. that is one of the reasons why i could never marry matt leinart of the AZ Cardinals. That, and the fact that he isn't a Christian.
anyway, yesterday they played Oregon State... and in a HUGE upset, OS WON! HIIILLLARIOUS!

This is Pete Carroll, who is not a nice man. He is their coach and tends to be very arrogant in interviews. I do not prefer him.

4) EEEEK... this one has had me grinning all morning... last night it was made official... the Dodgers are going to the playoffs. I just saw the footage from last night of the guys finding out. So HILARIOUS! They were spraying each other with champagne, dancing, laughing, jumping on each other... the fans were going nuts. This is very exciting. my team has NOT been good in a very long time. Then this incredible wonderful man waltzed in...
and we are going to playoffs! HUZZAH!

5) this is perhaps the best news of the entire week... last night we all got our acts together and I got to video chat with Taige, Ivy and Kat from Wales! It was incredible seeing their faces!
I didn't get much time with Ivy (she ran in while i was talking to Kat) but these are screen captures from our convo... ichat is the best thing ever

(their view... mine was much better.)

I don't have pic's of my talk with Taige... but it did my heart good to see my other brother. I was a happy girl last night... that is for sure
Please pray for our 3 friends, that the Lord continue to meet them and pour grace on them, that they are provided opportunities to present the gospel to both the kids they teach, and strangers they interact with, and that they all grow in friendship and fellowship with each other!

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Chavia said...

yeah ichat is sweet...i got to talk to vince when he was in france, and he was showing me all the was like i was there!