Sunday, September 7, 2008

light summer reading

i love to read. in fact, i have no self control when i really love a book. there were nights in college where i didn't sleep... not because i was studying, but because i was really into a book. sometimes, i can't put a book down.
i love classic authors. but i also enjoy a good modern day novel.
my last record was reading the nanny diaries in one day.
then i decided to go cold turkey for a while and not read
until last weekend
when stephenie meyer walked into my life
some of you have probably heard of the twilight series... i won't go into it. i am sure some of you are rolling your eyes right now
but these books are incredible
not the best thing i have ever read, but the most captivating.
i started reading them last saturday. i just wanted a light read at the beach. i finished the first book in about 8 hours
then i called mindy to and asked to borrow her copy of the 2nd (well, it was more like a demand that she bring it by the house that night) and i read it at work. (something that is encouraged by my boss. don't worry)
i am now on the 3rd.
i am buying the 4th this weekend... forcing myself to take a break until then (i will have book 3 done by tomorrow.)

you need to understand... these aren't tiny books. new moon (the one i devoured) is almost 600 pages... see?
and i am not the only lame sap crazy about these books. I can throw half a dozen other girls under the bus right now. one being my best friend (who admitted to weeping in her bed for 3/4 of the 2nd book) and a roommate (who admitted to shrieking so many times she was sure the neighbors would call the cops). as for me, i just refused to put the book down...reading it as i crossed the street at work to collect some files... jumping after a tense scene when a co-worker would come in the door... and curling up on my bed in a ball crying at one horribly sad scene.
if you need a good read... call me. you can borrow twilight. there is a 300+ person waiting list at the library

don't judge me.



The Nilsen Nest said...

I'd like to borrow it. I don't even have any idea what it's about but I have heard of it. Put me on the list!

Madeira girl said...

I am the same way about books! I tend to read a very long one in two or three days (often ignoring the children when school is not in session) (( not recommended!)):) I understand your habit. I have never read those authors though. I will have to try them! Thanks for the recommendations!

Anne said...

LOL, there was an article in the paper about those a few months back and I started to want to read them. Then I decided I would probably love them, and I didn't want to have to say that about myself. You are a very brave girl to admit it:)

Anne said...

Also, could that have been Shaynah weeping in her bed for the majority of a book? That is awesome!

Maybe I should read them during my upcoming "midnight feedings"....wouldn't that be appropriate???

Anonymous said...

I heart Twilight are not alone...

kendra said...

yet you stayed anonymous. that doesn't count as a confession

Anonymous said...

I cannot reveal my super-secret identity due to my high profile government job...or something.