Tuesday, September 2, 2008

likely story

What an AWESOME trip! The weather was gorgeous, the beach was so fun, great food, and the house... OH the house!
God was so kind to us the entire trip!
There were such sweet moments, lots of laughter and fun between old friends.One of my favorite things in the whole trip happened the 2nd morning. Bethany was telling some story... just something normal, and Shaynah said "Likely story Coda!" We laughed. A few minutes later Bethany left to go to the bathroom and I suggested that anything Bethany said the rest of the day, we respond with "Likely story!"And we did. And she never really caught on. But it would be something as simple as "wow, these chips are good"... "LIKELY STORY CODA!"
here are some pics of our lovely time!

Here are some pics of the house. It was perfect for us, and we are making plans to return! our cute little kitchen (directly out our kitchen door, to the left was the shower. It was AWESOME!!!
the screened porch. A perfect place for quiet times, and night time hang outs
Bethany giving the grand tour... to you. Yes you!
The first night, after arriving pretty late, we ran down to the beach. It was just across the street from us. The water was sooo warm all weekend!

As you can see, Shaynah was quite excited to be there

Making dinner the first night... it was a group effort
salmon, shrimp, asparagus, grilled mushrooms, peppers and onions...
after dinner, we went back to the beach...
loverly shayray
Kristie and Bethany... (the 3 of us were an accountability group back in the day...)

Back in our accountability group days, Kristie and I would tease Bethany about her dancing (that is what she went to school for...). This is them preforming and interpretive dance for us on the beach

a pub we stopped at in Charleston. The windows were gorgeous
me and KR in Charleston. The wind was crazy near the water. We were all rocking some fantastic music video hair

my favorite house on rainbow row. I will live there day. Mark my words.... really. Mark them.
While in Battery Park, we saw a girl having senior pictures taken. They were painfully cheesey. So we decided to recreate them... it made some of the onlookers laugh
(look over Bethany's shoulder... you will see our muse)
such ladies. (please notice my sunburn... I think Bethany was the only one who didn't get burned at all... poor Kristie got the worst of it)
sad to go home!

Can't wait till next year!


Anne said...

I have to tell you that some of these pictures of Shaynah made me laugh...alot.

What a fun time and a cute house:) I'm SO glad you all got to do that and that the 10,000 hurricanes that are in the ocean right now didn't affect you!

The Blackburn Crew said...

i don't even want to see the pictures....I want to go to the beach so bad...the whole Blackburn clan will be there next week and I have to stay home an have a stinkin baby. boo

The Blackburn Crew said...


LeahHawkins said...

I marked your words... we will be your neighbors... mark that!