Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Oh my! The zoo was such fun!
I would like to point out, before we start, that my hair is looking extra lion-mane-y this morning. It is pretty glorious and big and reminds me of a friend we met at the zoo.
ok, lets start
Anne, Shaynah and I had been talking about going to the zoo for over a month. It was going to be my b-day outing, but it was more of a "kendras-birthday-kate-will-be-here-in-a-month-we-haven't-all-3-hung-out-since-celebration" outing.
Zoo Keeper Shaynah
our first friends. I loved them dearly and wanted to jump in... but Anne pointed out that the water smelled horrid.
he was quite happy to see us
this was one of Anne's favorite... the arctic foxes. They were quite sneaky, playing with each other. We think he was trying to come visit us, as he attempted to dig out.
this is the camp fire the fox built. he needed to keep warm in the chilly 82 degree weather. one of my FAVORITES! Wilhelm the polar bear
hhmmm... Nathan's Hot Dogs... or Black Bears?
(Anne pointed out that since her belly is closest to the camera, it made it look bigger than it is. I think she would want me to tell you that. )
But this is when we went on the carousel. Shaynah was a party-pooper and would not come with us.here is the rhino and tiger that chased me the whole time. somewhat terrifying.

the entire time we were looking at the lions, Shaynah sang "Circle of Life" in her operatic voice...
his "lady friend" went to hide behind a rock. We figured it was their rendezvous spot.

our FAVORITE! Kendall! He was the only chimp we could really see, and he sat next to the window the whole time. He had eyes for Anne... he would stare at her for a while, pick his nose and eat it, check his nails, look at her again...
before we found him, we had each picked a chimp we liked the best (there were pictures of each of them) I picked Ruby, Anne picked Terry and Shaynah picked Kendall... lucky.

the tram ride back to the car...
Anne was sitting in the back, in her own seat.

Shaynah had run after the bus to ask them to wait a moment for us, because one of her friends was pregnant...
"what? she has a stroller?" the bus driver asked
"no... she is the stroller"

Thank you ladies for such a fun trip!

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Anne said...

Excellent post:) It captures the glory of our day oh-so-well! Seeing Kendall and Wilhelm makes me want to go again. Next time we can take Kate.

Love you!