Thursday, October 16, 2008

all of wales is celebrating

today i am sure the sun is shining in Wales a little brighter. the birds are singing a little happier.
because today is sweet Kat's b-day!
my favorite screeching, laughing, bouncing blond fireball and i wanted to celebrate the only way we know how...
by taking pictures.

we got a little distracted. She kept making this face and it was cracking me up. So we had to document it.

we love you Kat! Hope you are spoiled rotten today!

shaynah and i were watching tv the other night and heard Talking Heads in a commercial. we both started raving about how much we love them, and on a whim decided to see if they were touring (we had both heard rumors that they were...)

ANNNNND they are coming to Charlotte in December! Ahhh yea!

Also, this is one of the blogs i stalk. she had a GREAT idea... doing all her christmas shopping on etsy! I would rather give individuals my money instead of target... (honestly I love it almost as much as Disneyland!)
I have already found this for one of my soon-to-be-married friends, these for my favorite soon-to-be-born baby, and this is for myself. :)
the site can be overwhelming, but worth the look!

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