Tuesday, October 7, 2008

hurry up november

So here I am... this lovely Tuesday night hanging out with B.O. and J Mac.

I am done with ads for local politicians. I am done with ads from Obama and McCain. I am done with Sarah Palin jokes. I am done with bumper stickers... DONE.
From day 1 I knew where my vote was. Hurry up November.
(Ok, so I am not totally done with the SNL skits. Honestly, no matter who you like, they are pretty hilarious.)

This is the most gorgeous music video I have ever seen. I wish I could do that. 
"So Kendra... any talents... skills?"
"Why yes. I sidewalk dance."


Ashley said...

This is absolutely my new fave video. So cool....Aaron is not convined to dance on sidewalks yet...maybe someday =)

The Murphys said...

i am so with you on the politics thing. watching the last presidential debate was like watching a three ring circus, minus the entertainment factor.