Tuesday, October 14, 2008

settle down

remember when you would get a goody bag at birthday parties? They always had random little toys in them?
My favorite was the little maze that had a bunch of small silver balls. There would be random holes that you had to get all the balls in. Usually there was a picture of a clown face or something on it. You would move it all around and try to get all the little balls to rest in the little notches. And then when you got it, you would shake it up and start over again.

Sometimes I feel like I am one of those little metal balls. Right when I get settled and comfy in my new space... start to get used to the way life is going... *shake shake shake shake* we start over. Sometimes I get upset. I ask God why why WHHHY he could leave well enough alone. I actually LIKED how things were going, Thank you very much SIR!
Then he gently corrects me and shows me that once again, he knows way way way better than I do. Way better.
Then sometimes it is exciting! I can't wait to see where we are going next, totally in awe of what the Lord is doing.
This is one of those more exciting times.
It is amazing how content and comfortable I get in my ways. I was used to hanging out with the same people all the time.
But as of late, the Lord has really answered a prayer of mine that I kinda forgot about. He has brought about some singles closer to my age! Shaynah and I have friend who watched Saved by the Bell! People who get Tom Selleck references (usually to a glorious mustache). Friends who remember the 80s!
I didn't realize how lonely I was. I love my younger friends. They are so dear to me. But it was often a temptation to be discontent with my singleness. A lot of them are entering into relationships at a young age. So then I start looking at the next group coming up. But I know they will be in relationships in a matter of time.
It is nice hanging out with people our age again!

We have started a weekly bible study! I am so excited. We are meeting at my place every Monday. Tyler and Ryan are leading (and doing a great job, though we have only had 1 meeting). We all got to meet (they are not all crossway people, which is somewhat refreshing! Meeting new people outside of my usual circle is exciting)

And as I travel around the little maze, trying to figure out where on the clowns face I am going to settle (I am hoping for the top of the hat. That was always my favorite spot when I played) I am excited to see how the Lord is going to work and move within this season!

Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you. You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart. - Jer 29:12-13


Bethany said...

Praise God!!! Thanks for sharing about this... I have also been praying that prayer for you and Shay :) It is exciting to see that God is answering prayers and bringing that group of you all together in fellowship!

The Nilsen Nest said...

How kind of the Lord to give us a kick in the pants in a different direction every now and then! :) Love you! I will be praying He continues to do a mighty work in your life!

Anne said...

Very excellent analogy dear friend:) I so glad to see the way the Lord is providing for you in this area! He is always so much kinder then I think He will be! I need to have more faith:) Love ya!

Steven, Erin, Anna, and Brooke said...

Thanks for sharing! That's so wonderful and encouraging! I find in my stage of life, I often wish for the days of singleness again!!! Terrible, huh? You are right, no matter where we are, we must find God's will for our life. Thank you for being so open in your posts. We all need to hear your perspective!

thepasos said...

I'm so encouraged and happy for you friend...

Isn't it so good to know that your Heavenly Father loves you so much more than I do or anyone else?