Friday, November 14, 2008

are you down? do you need a pick me up? did you sob after watching last night's ER with the return of Dr. Green... no? Um... me either.

But if i DID... then this website would've been exactly what i needed...

make sure you check back often. for example, as i type this, they are all sleeping. I only just learned that there are 6... not 5.
and last night they were super hyper... and a co-worker and i named all of them. we decided to use titles of narnia books
wardrobe, caspian, treader, chair and benatar (i named that one... because i like pat benatar.) since i was allowed to name one benatar, i promised that if a 6th one appeared, it would be named magician (though i wanted to name it nephew... but whatever)... and TADAAA! this morning i found magician! Yay puppies!

(this was a screen capture i did last night as we tried to name them all...)

PS- you might find yourself talking to them. or petting your computer screen. if so, do not be alarmed.

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