Thursday, November 13, 2008

chapel THRILL

have you ever been to chapel hill? if not... GO
especially in the fall. the campus is gorgeous

shay and i went for an exhibition basketball game. over the years my love for sports has grown. my newest love is college basketball. and my team is CAROLINA BABY!

sadly, i don't own anything carolina blue. so we had to remedy that upon arriving on franklin street...

shaynah was an amazing tour guide! she gave me the history of everything, which was quite fun. i was pretty sure we had a crowd following us.

this is the old well. that is what it is called. because it is old. and a well. so there you go.

classic. the game was amazing, but we were both a little busy with the texting. what can i say... we are a hot feature. our phones were blowin' up!

I haven't talked about my boys in a while. and to be honest, i wasn't planning on it this week. because they played ugly. just plain ugly. yes, they won. but honestly, they did NOT deserve that W. except for 2 people.
but first...


honestly jake... what is GOING ON???

but on a good note, someone was on FIY-AH! Single handed-ly saving my team.
Pep... I would like to dedicate this song to you...

the other one who saved the game... well done D!

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