Monday, November 24, 2008

every kendra begins with K

christmas morning
wife opens a bunch of lame gifts. husband has a sneaky smile on his face. kids are asleep in the heaps of wrapping paper, and husband makes some lame comment about santa bringing one more gift. wife makes an equally lame comment and husband hands wife a box. wife opens it and there is a hideous necklace in there. she makes another lame comment about how santa has another gift and kisses dad. cue sappy "every kiss begins with kay" music...
annnnd scene.

no thank you.

i have never been into jewelry. i do like fun stuff, but not nice jewelry. i have never spent more than $15 on jewelery. ever.
i don't want diamond earrings
i don't want a gold bracelet
i don't want any of that.
the only jewelry i desire is an engagement/wedding ring
and this...

your eyes are being dazzled by the Chanel Camellia ring. it comes in black, white, even diamond encrusted. but the white one is the only one that has my heart.
i discovered it a couple of years ago, and came to love it.
while in CA shaynah and i took a walk down Rodeo drive, and popped into the Chanel store. my only purpose in going in was to see their nail polish colors, but...
as if light from heaven was beaming down into the store, i stumbled upon the jewelry case... and saw the ring with my own eyes.
it was the only time i have been dazzled by jewelry. i am pretty sure i left a puddle of drool for the rude sales lady to clean up.
i have no idea how much it costs. good thing too, because i would probably shovel together all the paychecks it would take to buy it.
but one day... oh, one day it shall be mine. just you wait. yes you.


Anne said...

For some reason thoughts of Gollum came to mind as I read this post. I can't think why......

Steven, Erin, Anna, and Brooke said...

That's a beautiful ring. I think you should get it. If you're still thinking about it even now, it would be worth the investment. I know plenty of very godly women with nice jewelry.