Wednesday, November 26, 2008

tank you tanksgiving

things i am thankful for (after the gospel, which is always number one...)

in no particular order
1) grande soy lattes
2) slippers that i can wear to work as shoes
3) this (because we started quoting it again at work. whenever i bring anything back into the offices the guys say "tank you tank you...")
5)my cup-kate
6) this song... my new song-crush-flashback

7) RuSans sushi
8) scarves
9) shaynah
10)cranberry sauce
11) working with people who make me el-oh-el
12) video chat (shout out Kat, Baby T and Ivy!)
13) the office
14) Panthers football
15) free tickets to Panthers football (WOOT WOOT DEC 14th BABY!)
16) slow claps
17) mario cart
18) having my parents nearby
19) and lastly... in honor of Thanksgiving... (my favorite scene, just for his lines...)

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