Sunday, December 28, 2008

it was the happiest of christmas'

here are 2 things that i loved about it... (there are many many more, but i don't feel like typing them all out...)

one of the best things was an ornament i bought. it was a HUGE triceratops. but one of his horns broke off, so stretch renamed him my biceratops.
since i intended to glue said horn back on, he never made it to the tree. but he sat below it, guarding it in a mighty mighty way. and i admire him for it.

next, i bought myself a gift.
one of my favorite books. i remember mom reading it to me often. once i almost bought the original french version, but i was super happy to find this one.

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Shaynah said...

my present wasnt one of your favs. geez.....