Tuesday, December 9, 2008

these are a few of my favorite things

Stu, Steve Young and Emmet. (before Steve was hit in the face with a paper cup. HILARIOUS)

my most-favorite ever. JuJu Pep!

my new 2nd fave... DeAngelo!!!!

I think i need a DeAngelo Williams jersey and Shaynah needs a Jonathan Stewart and we will dance like they do.

Smitty and Shake-n-bake Jake!

I guess I was a good girl this year and got my Christmas present early...38-23!!! What an incredible game... some of my favorite moments

Pep is ready...

Smitty making amazing catches. Just his thing, you know? D escapes another tackle. That is his thing. And he is more than good at it (hoping he comes into the studio this week. if so, i will propose. i will i will i will.

Shake and bake Jake passing to Stewart... who was AWESOME

and here is a little piece of my heart. field goal being kicked, and i see a hand emerge from the mass of players. i know that hand.
then BAMMMMMM.... field goal BLOOOOOOCKED. by whom? Oh, just my pep. I was repping the right number yesterday. #90 baby!

I have been giggling all morning, still so happy!
ANNNND i get to pay the boys a visit on Sunday! Can't wait!

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