Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Oh, this? 
It's just a mug. just a lil' late christmas present. from a friend. in Wales. No biggs. just a present. shaynah got one too. because, well, because we are kinda awesome. and i need a vente size coffee mug that is bigger than my face (i had to move it down for the picture. it actually covers my eyes when i drink)
oh, yeah... thats a dragon. it has 2 of them on it. and it says "Wales". Yup.
Its just kinda the most awesome gift i got a month after christmas. it kinda made my week. whatevs.
Thank taige!

so today i invented something AMAZING.

let me explain what you are looking at.
that is a bagel with half low fat cream cheese and half... NUTELLA.
the low fat cream cheese was to balance out the nutealla 
and it was INCREDIBLE

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