Tuesday, January 13, 2009

more time

since i clearly have more time on my hand, i remembered that i wanted to post this!
my roommate Jenn showed it to me this weekend

i remember the first time i was called a calvinist. it was when i had to meet with the chaplain at INSP for part of my interview process. INSP is very "health and wealth" gospel. he was not. so after talking for a bit, he leaned back in his chair and squinted over his glasses while pointing his pen at me... in his loud booming voice he said "you, my dear, are a calvinist.". i grinned and said "yes sir, i am." he didn't say anything for a moment. then he shot up out of his chair and said "GOOD! Now I am not the only one here!! "

this morning was lovely! i slept in, had an awesome quiet time, continued to reflect on last nights bible study, and used a Dunkin Donuts coupon! yes and yes please!!!

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Kat said...

guess what??

this afternoon while i was munching granola on my lunchbreak... you specifically came to mind. and God told me to pray for you to have a really good devotions. that exactly.

i'm glad to hear you did.