Wednesday, January 14, 2009


i haven't talked about saturday yet. there is a reason. it was UGLY. Shaynah and I were able to go to the game, which was exciting! but it was NOT PRETTY

Before i start talking about the ugly, something sweet...
for those of you who don't know, Panther's owner Jerry Richardson needs a heart transplant. the team LOVES Jerry. He is apparently a super nice guy. Which makes the loss even more devastating, but this picture super sweet... Jerry with Steve Smith.

ok, now on to the ugly. Thankfully, Jake has admitted that the loss was TOTALLY his fault (agreed)... but this picture is still pitiful. poor guy. lousy birthday for him.
"I hate my life right now"... that is a direct quote. Fox said it to me. though we were in the nosebleeds and couldn't really see him.
Beason was a smidgen upset.
do you hear that sound? it is my heart breaking. DiAngelo looks SO sad. And he worked SO hard. 

now, i have totally forgive Jake. I still love Jake. But that night, sitting in the cold and rain, this thought popped in my head...


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