Thursday, January 15, 2009



I GOT THE JOB! I start on the 2nd, and will be paid until then! YAY!!!
tomorrow oh tomorrow!!
i have been itching to paint in the house since the day we moved in. (over 3 years ago). Well, since i currently have all this free time on my hands (the interview went well... just waiting to hear back. PLEASE PRAY i got the job!) i thought NOW IS THE TIME!
so, i picked out paint colors... got cheap supplies at big lots, and then debated on how to budget out the paint itself. since i need to be careful on my spending... being unemployed and all.
but i had a glorious surprise this evening. Sweet sweet Daniel and Emily gave me a gift card to Lowes... specifically to buy paint! YAY! And the offer to come and help! So tomorrow i buy the testing samples, and then hopefully on saturday we jump in!!!
me with my AWESOME UNC lowes giftcard (do they know me or what?) and my samples. the blue is actually a dark teal, going in the "dining room" that we use as an extension of the living room. the gray is for everything else and the pink is for a few teeny spots in the kitchen. there will be some before/afters.

ps, this made my day... a few days ago

she actually loved it. don't let the screaming eyes fool you. she adores me.

PPS- for all you "The Notebook" fans out there (you know who you are) this made me and shaynah laugh. not because it is Ryan Gosling (but we didn't mind) but because of our love of beards.

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