Monday, February 16, 2009


a few of us decided to take a trip up to G'burg on Valentines day weekend. It ended up being one of the most fun weekends I can remember EVER having! Saturday morning Britty Kauflin made us crepes, then we hopped on the metro and went straight to the mall. we ate a horrible lunch...
ok, side story. I wanted some mac and cheese. So did JJ. So we ordered a kids one to split. It tasted like poop. I am not kidding. We were so shocked by it, we kept taking more bites. I was crushed. I had been craving it for a full 15 minutes, which isn't long, but still. So we refused to pay for the mac-n-poo. 
the boys were so kind to us, allowing us to go wherever we wanted. Case and point... the second we walked out of the horrible lunch establishment, we walked straight into starbucks.
we headed over to the Smithsonian of American History. So much fun! We then decided to do a monuments tour which consisted of me pointing to our left and saying "that is the capital" and then to our right and saying "that is the washington monument". We took a couple of pics and were on our way!
We went back to the K's to make dinner. FACT: get 4 Sovereign Grace girls in a kitchen with no food... they can still prepare a feat. We are like the female Macgyvers. The sweetest part of the night is when the boys went to the store to pick something up. Jenn had an awesome idea of making banana pudding to surprise them (a favorite). we rushed to get it made in time, hid it in the fridge and patted ourselves on the back. minutes later the boys came in looking quite pleased with themselves and presented the most fantastic looking chocolate cake i have ever seen. It was totally the Gift of the Magi... but not really. But we had double amazing dessert!!!! Here are the pics...

All of the good pictures are by Chavia. 

getting ready for a group shot. it took a while

so cute
we made the boys dinner... this is 
jj's attempt at a group shot. 

this is when Chavia took over...

right before she got yelled at. 
this one is me again. shaynah and i have one of these from everywhere we have ever gone. and only we could look at this and say "oh, that was outside of the Smithsonian museum of American History on Valentines Day '09"
the group shot. Shay was on the phone with Jared, so he could be in it 
(for those of you who need introductions... shaynah, me, jj, tyler and jenn


Anne said...

What fun times! I am quite envious:)

That is the worst to be craving something and then have it be horrible......poop horrible no less

The Murphys said...

Glad you guys had fun!