Saturday, February 7, 2009

happy birthday sweets!

I can't believe my sweet cookie monster "niece" is a year old today! I love this kid so much! Her big sister's b-day is later this week, but today was their shared party.
Abi always makes me smile. I watched her at my house last week, and she was super clingy. Can't lie, i loved it. Having her follow me around, only wanting aunt kenni to hold her, made my heart burst. I adore this girl so much... she and her sister will always have a chunk of my heart.
I am so thrilled and humbled that all these mom's have welcomed me into their kids lives! There was a moment at the party where i looked around and saw all my "nieces and nephews" and started to grin. I love these kids SO MUCH! Walking in and  getting hugs, having babies handed to me, even being invited to the party... BLISS! I love these kids so much, and I am so honored to be able to watch them grow up! I get to see theses amazing women raise them, learn from their example, and try to serve them. But honestly, it is more selfish reasons that i want to help out. Ladies, you are all such dear dear friends to me. Thank you for letting me part of your kids lives! It is a honor and joy! I can't wait to see what amazing men and women in the Lord they grow up to be. Well, i can wait. I love them at this age.

abi and her cake
yay's sharing... was after she decided that abi wanted to eat it from her forehead. she bonked her a few times
almost 3! Big girl! and still refusing to smile for me. thats m'girl
the aftermath.


The Blackburn Crew said...

Thanks for being willing to hold our babies, and by the kids super cute clothes! I know my kids love their Aunt Kenni!

Julie said...

Yes, my girls adore you. Abigail always, Alathea when she's in the mood. But deep down she always does :) THANKS for loving them and being so involved in their lives (and mine too). It means a TON! And like Eileen said, I appreciate their super cute clothes too :) And how you serve watching them all them time. You are the best!! We love you!