Wednesday, February 25, 2009


so, a bunch of random things...
1) i purchased some comfy pants. They are now my favorite thing ever in the universe from the beginning of time. My day normally plays out like this: pull into the garage, come in and dump my purse on the table, RUN... run i say to my room, and put on my comfy pants. i sometimes wear them to bible study, caregroup, movies... they are pretty much the biggest part of my life right now.
2) shaynah and i are going to Boston in April! "Why Kendra?" we don't really have a reason. We just want to
3) work is going well. It was a hard transition. my heart isvery much at home, after being unemployed for 3 weeks. i cleaned like crazy, cooked, painted... let me tell you something. Laundry isn't nearly as horrible at 2pm as it is at 8pm. it was hard to go back to work the first day. i actually cried the entire way home. i had just a taste of being a home-maker. It makes me more excited for the day that will be my job. But for now, i am so grateful for my job, that the Lord provided it for me, that i am able to work for christians. I just long to be home the whole time i am there. my mental "to-do" list pretty much explodes at noon.
4) i have been to ikea twice since it has opened. it is on my list of favorites right under comfy pants
5) um... is anyone else watching Lost... because... HOT dern.
6)DFL (our bible study) is the highlight of my week. that is all i have to say about that
7) telecast's song "Everything" is one of my current favorite worship songs:

no matter what this day will bring
i will lift my hands and sing
oh be my everything

i'll make my life an offering
in you alone i believe
oh be my everything, my everything

when the world comes crashing down around my feet
and i can't see ten feet in front of me
Jesus, i know that you are strong when i am weak
so please help me allow you to be
my everything

8) Slumdog Millionaire is one of the best movies i have ever seen

the end


Anne said...

That was a delightful post

Bethany said...

I enjoyed the update :)

that song is one of my favorites, too!