Tuesday, March 31, 2009

this is called a bribe

baby kate...
look what i have. remember him? remember when we were at Target and you laughed at mr. octopus cup? you love him, don't you?  

do you want to drink out of mr. octopus cup?
well, you need to come visit aunt kenni. this is where mr octopus cup is going to live. and if you don't come over soon, i might drink out of him one day. and by "one day" i mean "this morning"

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Anne said...

Aunt Kenni,
It's ok if you drink out of my octopus cup. I won't be able to handle its gloriousness for some time. I tried some rice cereal tonight and liked it alot. I spit most of it out. I chewed on a sponge in my bath. I love you. My mom will bring me over to kiss you goodbye on Friday morning if you want.
Baby Kate